"What is a Colophon?"

A colophon gives specific credit to the people who built the raw materials us designers use.

Type Designers work hard to make very little money, often have their work stolen, and rarely are given credit for improving perhaps the things you spend most of your day looking at: words.

Adding a colophon to your website or app not only tells me the level of detail you operate at, but also the level of respect you have for the ancient craft of type design and for the brilliant people who do it.

Good on you, colophon people.


Text type is set in 18pt Freight Sans Pro Medium
designed by Willi Kunz in 2015

Display type is set in 48 pt Freight Text Pro Italic
designed by Willi Kunz in 2015

Caption type is set in 13 pt Freight Micro Pro Italic
designed by Willi Kunz in 2015

Large Question Mark is set in 420 pt Freight Micro Black
designed by Willi Kunz in 2015

Webfonts are served using Adobe Typekit

Lucas Morris is a multimedia graphic designer specializing in typography. He will name any typeface or he owes you $1. He also works for clients, designs for friends, reads so many books, and cuts vinyl stickers. Check his availability to get in touch.

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Colophon & Attributions
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